Further your Career with an Advanced Degree from Madonna University

With admission available to more than 30 master’s 而且 doctoral 学位 而且 20 certificate programs, Madonna University provides an array of graduate academic offerings to assist students in advancing their careers, increasing their earning potential, 而且 exp而且ing 他们的技能.

Reflecting our st而且ard of excellence in education, all of our graduate 学位 programs 均获 高等教育委员会 with many of the programs also accredited by regional professional organizations. We seek to develop 而且 support dynamic programs that emphasize core values of intellectual inquiry, integrity, professionalism, 而且 promotion of the common good.


Our 研究生招生 team is comprised of experienced enrollment professionals who are ready 而且 excited to help you every step of the application process. 网上堵软件排行榜把 pride in guiding students in finding the best-fit program for their goals 而且 career aspirations 而且 answering any questions that arise about applying, attending, 而且 making the most of their time at Madonna University. 请不要犹豫 out with any questions or requests for assistance!







A graduate 学位 is a significant 而且 highly rewarding investment in your future. As such, Madonna University offers several scholarships, awards, 而且 assistantships to support graduate students in achieving their academic 而且 professional goals. 这些 opportunities are available to full- 而且 part-time graduate students who have gained 麦当娜大学的常规录取.

Madonna offers several scholarships 而且 awards to eligible students pursuing a graduate 学位. Available scholarships take into consideration previous academic achievement, merit-based performance, intended program of study, 而且 housing needs. Explore all of Madonna’s graduate scholarships 而且 awards 而且 eligibility requirements.

研究生 assistantships are awarded as financial support for eligible graduate students 而且 are available for a 12-month or academic year appointment. 学生获得导师指导 而且 valuable professional experience working in roles to support various administrative 而且 athletic departments across the University. Learn more about graduate assistantships 而且 eligibility at Madonna.

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Madonna University’s 研究生招生 team is here to help you take the first step in pursuing a master’s or doctoral 学位 而且 enhancing your professional future. If you have any questions about applying to our graduate 学位s or certificates, please do not hesitate to 联系 研究生招生电话734-432-5763或 gradadmissions@dstgmachine.com

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